Thursday, June 12, 2008


I got an email from United Airlines this morning stating that their policies are changing now that there is an extra fee for any checked baggage. $15 for your first bag and $25 for your second. What's next? A charge for the seat cushion? Coin operated toilets? Next thing you know, I'll be lugging all the stuff I crammed into a carry-on along with my seat cushion, food, and coins for the bathroom after I've already paid a ton just to get on the plane.

I proposed that Bertrand and I start taking some "staycations" this summer. A staycation is when you relax and have fun in your very own home town or area. In the Bay Area we have so many wonderful things to do and places to explore, why not just stick around town, enjoy why we live here, and help our local economy.

Okay, this really wasn't "my idea"...I heard it on the radio. But it's a good one!

Some ideas:
  • Day trip to Yosemite
  • Day in the beautiful city of San Francisco
  • Day trip to Monterey/Carmel
  • Hike in the Sunol Hills
  • Explore all the beautiful little downtowns in the neighboring cities
  • Learn to fly a kite in the park
  • Actually wake up early on a Saturday and go to garage sales
  • Go to the County Fair
My first staycation will be to treat myself to a "relaxing" day of shopping at the local mall. Ahhhh....staycation.


Annie said...

Actually sounds pretty fun!

Sharon said...

With gas being the price it is, Staycation may just become the 'in' thing.

I enjoy reading your blog Kimmy!

Taja said...

Good point!..Congrats for the blog..

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have plenty to do. I say, "why not?" That is rediculus about the airlines.

alex said...

My husband and I used our stimulus checks to book a cruise but we have a lot of local things to do this summer too. Sometimes its nice to take the time to appreciate the things around you that you might not otherwise. Enjoy your staycations!

The Chicken Lady said...

And don't forget Amtrak... it may sound silly, but traveling by train is awesome, relaxing, inexpensive and easy. My family vacations via train only... no more driving, no more planes.

I love the whole staycation concept... like being a localvore, but on a grander scale!