Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Onward ho

Hong Kong was great. We got to see all of the sights, do some shopping, and eat some yummy dim sum. My original fears about not being at home for Christmas and missing out on the Christmas festivities dissipated once we arrived. Everyone seems to get into Christmas in Hong Kong. All the stores are decorated, Christmas lights are everywhere, Christmas trees popping up left and right, even the business offices were covered in lights and decked up for the holidays. Everywhere we walked someone wished us a Merry Christmas. We spent Christmas Day at one of the "other" happiest places on earth, Hong Kong Disneyland where we got to drown ourselves with the Christmas spirit.

Today, we arrived in Saigon, Vietnam. My family originated in Vietnam but I, born and raised in the United States, have never had the opportunity to visit. Walking out of the airport and being completely immersed in Vietnam has been one heck of an experience. Wow. Even though I have never been here, I felt like I was coming home.


b said...

wierd huh?

A DiG said...

DISNEYLAND?!?! You flew all that way to go to DISNEYLAND?!?! ;) Mia and Jacob send their love!