Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Into the future

I made a bet with one of my friends in 2000 about where we thought everyone would be at in seven years. We agreed, that in 2007 we would redeem the bet...but it had to be a "good" one. We agreed that in 2007, whoever lost would mow the other person's lawn for a year (neither of us owned a lawn at the time). One more year...and I should have my very own long awaited personal gardener.

The other night, I was telling Nicole about the joys of marriage and washing dishes. She made the comment that it would be a long time before she would be married. We talked about it back and forth for awhile until another bet emerged. Since we had just been talking about needing to pamper ourselves, we agreed that in three years, if she is engaged/married, she will get me a pair of designer jeans. And if the reversed were true, then she will have earned herself a nice pair of jeans.

Nicole, you are going down. I can't wait to wear my long awaited, well earned pair of designer jeans.

Oh ye of little faith...


Nicole said...

you're going to lose, my friend! just wait. and if i meet the love of my life and have a pretty rock on my finger, well... then he can buy the jeans. hahah. jk! still, you're losing this one. :)

kimbalina said...

haha! I like that plan...then we would both win. ;)