Sunday, August 21, 2005

Awesome Day

Birthday DinnerI had an awesome day today. I woke up feeling fully rested and was excited to get my day started. I went shopping with one of my favorite people in the world, was surprised by some gifts and nick-nacks, had my phone ringing off the hook at some points of the day with close friends on the other end of the line, got a ton of things checked off my to-do list, and got to sit and relax for awhile. This evening some of my friends took me to one of my favorite restaurants where from the moment we started our night together until we all went our separate ways, was non-stop laughter and good times. I am a fiend for board games and interactive games and my friends entertained and amused me by playing all sorts of games with me throughout the night. We started with Hangman on the table at dinner, to Lingo, Twister, Pictionary, and Taboo. I am one happy girl.

Not so bad for my last birthday as a bachelorette.

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