Friday, July 15, 2005

Twinkle Toes

After many months and possibly even years of saying that we would try ballroom dancing together, and never actually going, Bertrand and I finally went tonight. We came early to join the lessons that were taking place before the main event. Of course, being the geniuses we are, somehow managed to take the intermediate class first and then for the second session, realized our mistake and went downstairs to the beginners class (the beginners class was actually harder for us). It was fun to try something new and to step out of that comfort zone together. Thanks to the encouragement and coaching from Graham, I can now somewhat do a cross-step waltz (sorry about the toes Graham).


Nancy said...

My husband has wanted us to take dance lessons for years. Sounds like you had fun.
You work at Google? That must be amazing.
I love the purpleness of your blog too. LOL
I found you blog surfing, btw.

Adam Lasnik said...

Kimbalina... it was a nice surprise to see you and Bertrand tonight! Glad I had a chance to meet you, but next time we gotta dance! :)

kimbalina said...

Nancy - You and your husband should try taking dance lessons! We had a blast and it was very bonding to try something new together.

Adam! - So we finally met! We are planning on coming to the next FNW, so save me a dance (and be prepared to teach it to me too!).

Graham said...

You did a fine cross-step, especially considering you had just learned it. And don't worry about the toes (that's what dance shoes are for, after all :-).

I'm glad you made it. Stay longer next time!