Thursday, June 09, 2005

No more elevators

I've had the worst morning ever.

This morning I realized that I had left my iPod in the gym yesterday so I spent the morning running up and down the stairs going to the various receptionists to find it. After running up and down the stairs several times, I got tired and decided I would hop in the elevator. I rarely take the elevator anymore because it is better and more healthy to take the stairs.

As soon as I got in the elevator and pressed the button for my floor, the elevator started moving...and then it stopped. Not on my floor, but in between floors. I stood there for a second contemplating what just happened and then pushed all the buttons for different floors and to open/close the doors. Nothing happened. Since I was just running down quickly to the reception, I didn't grab my cell phone. I pushed the intercom button to call for help, but it didn't seem to be responding. I pushed and pushed my little heart out for about twenty minutes and finally resolved to sit down. Elevators are small...and confined. I started to freak out thinking about how I was trapped in this itty-bitty enclosed space and nobody knew I was in there. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths and in the meantime, kept pushing the button for help. Finally, the button made a dialing noise and I was connected to help. Once I knew people were out there and knew I was inside, I was more calm. I am close friends with the people in charge of saving and as soon as I heard their voices through the elevator shaft, knew I would be okay. I have never felt as much relief as I did once the doors opened almost forty minutes later. Open space is a good thing.

Update: iPod is home safely now.


Adam Lasnik said...

But did you find your iPod?

kimbalina said...

I just found it now...when I had written this, the iPod remained lost. But yes! iPod is found, I'm out of the can go back to normal now.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder if life could be better without iPods?